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Grey nomads face challenges on the road

‘Life is challenging, but our glass is always half full!’

Grey nomads Dirk and Johanna Veltkamp have approached their travels in the same way they have lived their lives … with optimism and... Read more

RVs line up for record breaking effort in Barcaldine

It’s a record! Massive RV line-up is the biggest ever

It’s official! The outback Queensland town of Barcaldine has set a new world record for the longest line of motorhomes On May 26,... Read more

Bush Oasis Caravan Park

Caravan park gets approval for ambitious wetland plan

A north Queensland caravan park has just been given planning permission to proceed with its vision of creating an artificial wetland. The owners... Read more

Chainsaw sculpture drive draws grey nomads

Chainsaw sculptures prove a big hit with grey nomads

There are a lot of reasons for grey nomads to visit the Western Australian town of Albany, and not all of them are... Read more

Lake Prosperine offers camping to grey nomads

Lake Proserpine free camp to be hit with grey nomads

A new 72-hour lakeside free camp has been unveiled at the popular fishing spot of Lake Proserpine, also known as the Peter Faust... Read more

fifth wheeler a hit with grey nomads

We’ve got the time … and now we’ve got the space!’

When grey nomads Garry and Pam Sharp decided to take the plunge and sell their home in order to travel full-time they knew... Read more

Caravans are kept on street

Van-on-street storers must ‘keep toys in their garage’

The Gold Coast City Council is pressing ahead with its massive crackdown on the parking of caravans, trailers and boats on local streets.... Read more

Birdsville Hotel on the market and grey nomads are interested

Birdsville Hotel on market … and this time it will sell

The Birdsville Hotel is officially and very publicly back on the market, and this time it is expected to sell … despite a... Read more

Caravan park fire a reminder to grey nomads

18 caravans lost as fire sweeps through van park

The potentially devastating consequences of fire breaking out in caravan parks have once again been highlighted by a terrifying incident in Victoria which... Read more

Grey nomads from UK love Australia

‘I may be English but I only feel at home in Australia’

For many grey nomads, the freedom to travel endlessly across Australia’s stunning landscape is something that is taken for granted … it is... Read more

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