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caravan parks become ghost towns

Once-busy caravan parks now resemble ghost towns

As grey nomads abandon their long-planned trips and park up their rigs, caravan parks and camping areas that are normally bustling hives of... Read more

Grey nomads face roadblock

Parks and nomads face ‘heartbreak and confusion’

With most of the country’s caravan parks now closing their doors to everyone bar ‘essential guests’, the real impact of the coronavirus pandemic... Read more

acts of kindness to grey nomads

‘It’s not easy for anyone … but thanks for caring!’

The coronavirus pandemic has swung a wrecking ball through the Australian way of life in recent weeks. Tragically, many people have already lost their... Read more

grey nomads getting home quickly

‘Give us a break! We are trying to do the right thing!’

While many full-time grey nomads are desperately seeking a caravan park or camping area where they are welcome to ‘sit out’ the coronavirus... Read more

WA travel restrictions

Travel between WA regions restricted from Tuesday

In a move foreshadowed several days ago, WA Premier Mark McGowan has announced new restrictions on travel across the state that will prevent... Read more

Grey nomads look for a way forward

‘So, what exactly are we supposed to do now?’

As the severity of the health crisis facing Australia becomes clearer by the day, grey nomads – who just a few short weeks... Read more

national park campsites

National park campsites close in most jurisdictions

For grey nomads who have not yet been able to find a place to call home for a few weeks or months while... Read more

Grey nomads told to go home

‘Be part of the solution … not part of the problem’

Rural doctors are calling on all grey nomads to return home or to stay at home if they are still there … and... Read more

Bulloo shire for grey nomads

Bulloo shire closes camps, tells nomads to go home

Bulloo Shire Council is the latest local government to enact strong protection measures against coronavirus, by closing down all local camping sites and... Read more

Stockman's Hall of Fame closed due to cononavirusi

Rural centres feel the pain as grey nomads stay away

As travel restrictions increase, and grey nomads either dash home or find a place to ‘hole up’ for a while as the coronavirus... Read more

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