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Caravan park investment plan at Moyne Shire

Moyne Shire to invest millions in its van parks

The coronavirus pandemic has hit many caravan parks for six, but plans are already being put in place to help some of them... Read more

wild animals in cities

Virus has us living at home where the wildlife roam

It’s often said in jest that first-time overseas visitors to Australia are disappointed to find there aren’t kangaroos hopping down the ‘main street’... Read more

Rochester uses Iddles artwork to attract grey nomads

Art of survival: rural towns plan for happier times

While many grey nomads are understandably distraught at having their dream lifestyles abruptly brought to a shuddering halt, so too are countless rural... Read more

Digitising photos a hobby for grey nomads

‘So many memories … and so many photos to digitise’

Like most ‘grounded’ grey nomads, Bruce Simmonds has suddenly found himself with an awful lot of spare time on his hands … and... Read more

Coronavirus tracing app

Will Government’s big app help us back on Big Lap?

There may still be a long way to go but Australia’s flattening of the curve is starting to see some restrictions eased, and... Read more

Anzac Day services we will remember them

‘Even standing apart, we still stand together in spirit’

Social distancing regulations mean this is an Anzac Day like no other, but grey nomads and the wider Australian community still managed to... Read more

Fuel price drops

Down, down, down! Unless you’re in rural Australia!

Grey nomads may not be travelling at the moment but many will take more than a passing interest in the price of fuel... Read more

Grey nomad used coronavirus break to do vehicle maintenance

‘Being off the road is great time to give rig some TLC’

If compulsive traveller Daryl Livermore was ever going to be forced to stay off the road for a while, now is probably as... Read more

Waltzing Matilda Centre

Iconic attractions empty as grey nomads stay away

With grey nomads unable to head north this winter, some iconic destinations and iconic attractions have been left eerily quiet. And the economic... Read more

tent grey nomads

‘Tenting trip to Tassie is one we’ll never forget!’

It’s safe to say that grey nomads Jean and Ted Winterfield’s long anticipated trip to Tassie didn’t go according to plan. In fact,... Read more

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