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Queensland opens up

Unlimited travel allowed throughout Queensland

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has announced that unlimited travel will be allowed throughout the state from midday tomorrow. The rule relaxation will allow... Read more

Grey nomads and communal toilets

Victorian parks win Battle of Want-to-use-the-Loo

After initially appearing to indicate that communal toilets would not be allowed to open when caravan parks in Victoria begin welcoming holidaymakers again... Read more

Free camping Mount Barker

Free camp closes to help van parks hit by Covid-19

In what may be a sign of things to come, a free overnight rest stop for caravanners has been closed in an effort... Read more

Border restrictions

Travel restrictions easing, but borders remain closed

Grey nomads are watching closely as the debate about when state and territory borders should be re-opened plays with increasing animosity. Prime Minister... Read more

Dave and Sheelagh Twissel

… and they shall have music wherever they go

For as long as he can remember, music has helped grey nomad Dave Twissell cope with anything and everything that life has thrown... Read more

northwest roads

Travel restrictions in WA regions to be further eased

The slow journey back to some sort of normality for the grey nomad lifestyle continues to gather pace. With states like South Australia... Read more

Territory border

Restrictions are easing, but border questions remain

As various states and territories take a different approach to the lifting of restrictions surrounding camping, travel, and borders, life has got very... Read more

Birdsville Races cancelled

And they’re off! This year’s Birdsville Races cancelled

While the recent easing of travel restrictions has been welcomed by many grey nomads, the cancellation of September’s iconic Birdsville’s Races is yet... Read more

Victorian caravan parks

Victoria the latest state to allow return of camping

Victoria is the latest state to start relaxing its coronavirus restrictions around caravanning and camping. From June 1, caravan parks in the state... Read more

Laura Community Caravan Park

SA van parks benefit from easing of travel restrictions

With caravanning and camping being encouraged again in some states, van parks and regional businesses are beginning to feel the benefits of the... Read more

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