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Caravan and fuel tanker collide

Caravanners left ‘shaken’ after fuel tanker collision

A caravanning couple had the scare of their lives when they were involved in a collision with a diesel tanker in Queensland. Happily,... Read more

Big Lap on hold

‘Our rig is in the shed covered in spider webs’

While grey nomads in many parts of the country get back on the open road, Victorians Phil and Lorraine Gracey can only look... Read more

Grey nomads and Sydney

Queensland closes borders to all Sydney residents

Queensland is to close its borders to all residents of greater Sydney from 1am on Saturday. In a tweet, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said:... Read more

South Burnett Regional Council free camping

Free camping in spotlight as virus concern grows

As the coroanvirus continues to cause major concern in some states, it seems renewed focus is being put on free campsites and the... Read more

Grey nomad waits for new caravans

An upgraded rig … and many more trips ahead

Like many grey nomads, solo traveller Bob Davis has had his travel plans thrown into chaos by the coronavirus pandemic … but he’s... Read more

grey nomads heading north

Caravan parks in north ‘busier’ as nomads arrive

It’s been a year like no other, but it seems like the grey nomad season in the north has finally kicked into something... Read more

Calliope camping area

Gladstone area closes all council-run camping areas

Gladstone Regional Council in Queensland has announced that all the campgrounds it manages will be closed until further notice, due to concerns over... Read more

Outback Way

Sections of Outback Way now closed to travellers

Grey nomads and other travellers will no longer be able to drive along some sections of the popular Outback Way, connecting Uluru with... Read more

Emergency services near Emerald

As travellers return to road, van crash numbers rise

With many travellers getting back on the open road, it is sadly no surprise that there have been a number of accidents involving... Read more

dog leg border

Dogleg border ‘quirk’ puts locals in a confused state

While most of Australia’s borders are either along straight lines or follow natural geographical features such as rivers, the recently imposed travel restrictions... Read more

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