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South Australian Outback

It’s still going to be a tough year for Outback tourism

Although some borders are now open again, many towns and regions that rely heavily on the grey nomad dollar say they are still... Read more

Caravan pics in NT

Van parks in north happy to welcome more nomads

The recent surge in coronavirus cases in Victoria is continuing to cause major concerns and it looks set to be many weeks until... Read more

Heading north

Ready, steady, go north! Nomads cross into the NT

The Northern Territory borders are open to travellers from most parts of Australia for the first time in nearly four months and many... Read more

float tanks and free camps

What grey nomads want! Float tanks and freedom

As grey nomads slowly return to the open road, much of how they feel about travelling in a world changed by the pandemic... Read more

Virus outbreak

Sydney virus outbreak triggers border re-think

Sydney-based grey nomads who had been looking forward to spending the rest of the winter in the Northern Territory might now be having... Read more

Don;t visit victoria campaign

‘Don’t visit Victoria!’ Is campaign in good taste?

As fears grow of a second wave of Covid-19 infections potentially reaching rural districts, an anti-tourism ‘Do not visit Victoria’ campaign has really... Read more

crossroads hotel outbreak

Virus outbreak puts open border ‘dream’ under threat

As the Victorian Covid-19 outbreak worsens and threatens to spill into New South Wales in a serious way, the ‘open borders Australia’ that... Read more

Grey nomads love to stop in Menindee

Virus spike sparks new angst in rural communities

With a major spike in coronavirus cases in Victoria, some regional communities that had been ready to welcome back grey nomads and other... Read more

border opening

Grey nomads join rush to cross into Queensland

With the Queensland borders opening up today to everyone but Victorians or those who have been in the Garden State in the past... Read more

Grey nomads at border

Crossing into Queensland? Organise your passes

Police are appealing for grey nomads to do their part in easing expected traffic congestion when the Queensland border with New South Wales... Read more

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