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Grey nomads and caravans

It’s been a tough season … but grey nomads are back

It seems that grey nomads and adventure-seekers are quickly adjusting to the new reality of travelling in a world changed by the pandemic.... Read more

Calliope campsite much loved by grey nomads

Gladstone camps re-open as council re-thinks plan

The campgrounds managed by Gladstone Regional Council are to re-open today in an effort to stimulate the local economy which has been battered... Read more

Hay free camping at sandy point

Free camps and van parks face different Covid rules

With many regions struggling with the economic impacts of Covid-19 travel restrictions, the battle for the ‘grey dollar’ is fiercer than ever. Some... Read more


‘We’re back on the road … but we’re not straying far’

Like most grey nomads who were forced to postpone their travelling adventures due to the coronavirus pandemic, Perth residents Horace and Jean Misko... Read more

caravan rollover

Blown tyre may have been cause of caravan rollover

It is suspected a blown tyre might have been the cause of a caravan rollover in Queensland yesterday. It is believed that no... Read more

Snow in NSW

‘Now I remember why we like to go north in winter!’

Brrrr! Southern state grey nomads who have missed out in their normal trips north this year have had a sudden and brutal reminder... Read more

RV buyer rebate

‘Offer RV buyers a rebate and stimulate tourism!’

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA) is pushing a plan under which the Federal Government would offer a 10% rebate to all... Read more

Grey nomads and travel uncertainty

Grey nomads negotiate an uncertain road ahead

As Victoria endures a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 infections and fears grow of community transmission elsewhere, grey nomads are living in a very... Read more

Grey nomads in a Hamilton Retreat

‘I zapped a mozzie in the van, and lost my eyebrows’

While most grey nomads have got a story or two to share about how a mozzie invasion wrecked what should have been a... Read more

Victorian grey nomad

The trials and tribulations of a Victorian grey nomad

Like many travellers from Victoria, solo grey nomad Brian Cameron wasn’t sure what sort of reaction to expect from ‘locals’ as he travelled... Read more

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