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Fraser Island bushfires

Fraser Island fires signal a difficult summer ahead

A difficult year that began with a series of horrific bushfires looks set to end in much the same way. A massive bushfire... Read more

Camping will now be allowed at Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula to lift camping ban early

As Victoria records its 28th consecutive day with no new coronavirus cases, Mornington Peninsula Shire has reversed its earlier decision to ban camping... Read more

caravan parks face identity crisis

When does a caravan park stop being a caravan park?

As cabins and other non-wheeled accommodation options continue their relentless march, the character of many ‘caravan parks’ continues to change apace. Indeed, it... Read more

grey nomads to be ready for heatwave

Grey nomads warned to expect extreme heatwave

Grey nomads are being warned that a severe heatwave will sweep over much of the country next week. Meteorologists say a 4,500-kilometre conveyor... Read more

Grey nomads wanted for fruitpicking work on Australian farms

‘Grey nomads, please help us harvest our crops!’

With pandemic restrictions keeping overseas backpackers away, desperate farmers are increasingly  hoping that more grey nomads can be persuaded to help them get... Read more

NSW border opens with Victoria

NSW-Victorian border open again after 138 long days

The border between New South Wales and Victoria has reopened again, 138 days after it was shut in the face of a second... Read more

Illegal camping in Tin Can Bay

Illegal camping complaints spark council crackdown

Another day, another crackdown on illegal campers announced Just days after we reported on serious litter problems on a ‘once tranquil’ stretch of... Read more

Grampians national park

New plan proposes more campsites for Grampians

Victoria’s parks authority has published a draft plan looking at the best way to manage the iconic Grampians National Park going into the... Read more

Caravan explosion caused by fly spray

Man injured as ‘fly spray’ blast rips through caravan

A man has been injured after an explosion ripped through his caravan at a van park in Blackall, Central Queensland. He was rushed... Read more

tick bite at campsite in queensland

Camper contracts Q virus after being bitten by tick

A woman has been diagnosed with a dangerous disease after being bitten by a tick while camping at a popular camping spot in... Read more

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