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Eyre Peninsula is loved by grey nomads

Number of travellers going to South Australia surges

New data from the South Australian Tourism Commission shows a big jump in tourist numbers … with the Eyre Peninsula helping to show... Read more

rainfall in Outback to bring grey nomads

Grey nomads to flock to rain-transformed Outback

The rain that has drenched parts of drought-stricken Queensland over recent days and weeks should make for a spectacular travel experience for caravanners... Read more

Toll increase grace period extended

Transurban extends higher toll ‘grace period’ again

Caravanners and motorhomers who have been caught out by the sudden increase in tolls on several major roads near Sydney have been given... Read more

caravan fire

Caravan catches fire as it travels along highway

A caravan has been completely destroyed by fire on the Midland Highway at Bagshot near Bendigo in Victoria. The Bendigo Advertiser reports that... Read more

caravan park fore danger

Call for mandatory smoke alarms in mobile dwellings

A Queensland coroner has called for the state’s fire service to consider the mandatory installation of smoke alarms in all moveable dwellings. Deputy... Read more

Revolver Falls in the Kimberley

Rain transforms landscape ahead of tourism season

The heavy rains that accompanied ex-tropical cyclone Esther on its ‘grand tour’ of Western Australia’s Kimberley region has got waterfalls pumping again …... Read more

Grey nomads want to washing their caravans

‘Water restrictions stop me from washing my caravan!’

With many parts of Australia still under severe water restrictions, some grey nomads and wannabe grey nomads are facing a struggle to keep... Read more

Wheel falls of caravan

Wheel flies off caravan and hits car travelling behind it

A wheel has flown off a caravan on the Mitchell Freeway in Perth and smashed into a car travelling behind it. Incredibly, no... Read more

Caravan dealership accident

Caravans in nasty crash … before they hit the road!

Three caravans have been damaged in an accident in the Queensland town of Bundaberg … and none of them were even on the... Read more

Grey nomads and downsizing

Downsizing on the up and up as over-55s hit the road

For grey nomads and wannabe grey nomads, hitting the open road long-term means making some tough decisions. Foremost of these is often ‘what... Read more

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