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Fraser Island bushfire

Effects of bushfires felt long after flames put out

The massive bushfire currently ravaging Queensland’s Fraser Island is a frightening reminder of the destructive power of these blazes. Campers and entire communities... Read more

Grey nomads free camping at Casino

Town hopes new free camp will attract grey nomads

As rural Australia seeks to recover from the economic impact of Covid, another country town is to trial a free camping area in... Read more

spirit of tasmania cost for caravans

‘Make caravan crossings free and Tassie will boom!’

Despite the optimism around a domestic travel surge, new statistics show that the Tasmanian caravanning industry is still doing it really tough …... Read more

grey nomads and extreme heat

Is this too hot to handle? Temperatures set to sizzle

Here we go again. Grey nomads in many parts of the country are bracing themselves for another sizzling few days, The ABC reports... Read more

gastro outbreak closes camping sites

Gastro outbreak misery at Inskip Point campsites

Two popular Queensland camping grounds have been abruptly closed following an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness. Campers have been told to leave the sites... Read more

roo attack

Kangaroo attack a brutal reminder of wildlife danger

Grey nomads can get used to seeing kangaroos around the campground … but a brutal attack on a jogger in Victoria serves a... Read more

Grey nomads stay in tropics for wet season

Hot, humid… and different! Grey nomads stay north

While the southern states have now largely eliminated community transmission of  Covid-19, the uncertainty caused by the pandemic is continuing to result in... Read more

Outback poets needed

Will a grey nomad be the next bard of the Outback?

Travelling the highways and byways of Australia for months and years on end, grey nomads are often among those who best understand the... Read more

Outback travel for grey nomads

Tourism surge delivers ‘Covid bounce’ to Outback

In a surprise twist, many Outback towns that have been struggling for years could find themselves benefitting from a surprise ‘Covid bounce’. The... Read more

Grey nomads at Kalbarri National Park

‘It’s been incredible, but no more big trips for us now!’

When Mark and Carol Scully retired back in 2012, there was only one thing on their minds … hitting the open road! Eight... Read more

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