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QAS at caravan accident scene

No serious injuries after highway caravan crash

A vehicle towing a caravan has crashed near Ilfracombe in Queensland. The Queensland Ambulance Service said no serious injuries had been reported in... Read more

Does Geelong need low-cost camping?

‘Low-cost camps needed to get Spirit travellers to stay’

The Victorian city of Geelong is looking at the possibility of introducing more facilities for low-cost campers in the area, With the Spirit... Read more

shows cancelled

The shows want to go on … but will Covid let them?

When it was announced recently that the hugely popular Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival was being axed, it served as a reminder... Read more

Brisbane caravan park sold

End of an era as ‘historic’ city caravan park closes

In a move that will no doubt be of more than passing interest to an army of potential developers, one of Queensland’s oldest... Read more

Queensland border shuts

Big Lap gets smaller as more state borders close

The ever-shrinking Big Lap is about to shrink again, with Queensland announcing it is to close its border to New South Wales from... Read more

Grey nomads in lockdown

Grey nomads settle down to sit out the lockdowns

The latest Covid outbreaks in multiple states has once again caught many grey nomads out and brought their Big Laps to a shuddering... Read more

Cold grey nomads

Brr! Living the dream isn’t supposed to be this cold!

Well, this wasn’t the way it was advertised on the grey nomad brochure! Not only do travellers suddenly have to keep an eye... Read more

Grey nomads and acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness make grey nomads happy!

Discovering for themselves the fabled camaraderie of the road is one of the things that grey nomads most look forward to as they... Read more

Rig snobbery on the grey Nomad Big Lap

‘If you think rig snobbery isn’t real … think again!’

My name is John Barker and my wife, Brenda, and I have travelled this great country for years … not the Big Lap... Read more

riverfront camping

Victoria ‘backs down’ on riverfront camping pledge

It appears the Victorian Government has backed down in its bid to allow thousands of campers to pitch tents along 17,000 kilometres of... Read more

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