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Lake Placid crocodiles

Man survives croc attack in Far North Queensland

A man has had an extremely lucky escape after he was apparently attacked by a crocodile in Far North Queensland. The man was... Read more

Illegal camping in Crescent Head

Illegal camping still a major problem in coastal towns

The summer has once again seen a surge in illegal camping in coastal communities … and a fierce backlash from locals. In Crescent... Read more

Visitor numbers plummet on Great Ocean Road

Dearth of overseas tourists ‘may have some positives’

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the tourism industry on its head, and not all quieter-than-usual ‘hotspots’ are missing the crowds as much as... Read more

caravan stolen

Soaring demand for RVs triggers surge in van thefts

The soaring popularity of caravanning holidays has triggered a worrying surge in the number of RVs being stolen. Without the option of overseas... Read more

campervan goes up in flames

Campervan goes up in flames at NZ campsite

In a cautionary tale for all Australian grey nomads, a travelling couple are still reeling at the speed with which their converted campervan... Read more

Grey nomad plans Big Lap

When trip planning is as good (nearly) as the trip!

When the Covid-19 pandemic first struck last year, it threw a giant spanner in the Big Lap works, forcing grey nomads off the... Read more

Feral goat attacks bushwalker

Bushwalker injured after being attacked by wild goat

Most grey nomads know that – when taking a bushwalk – they need to be aware of potential dangers such as snakes, heatstroke, and... Read more

heatwave on Australia Day for grey nomads

Australia Day turns up the heat, but not to maximum

While it’s definitely a warm Australia Day, the scorching temperatures that had been forecast have not quite materialised … at least in some... Read more

Outback rescue

Man rescued after being lost in the bush for 18 days

Another incredible tale of Outback survival should serve as another graphic reminder to grey nomads about the potential perils of travelling – and... Read more

Driver Reviver stops for grey nomads

Fight against scourge of driver fatigue ramps up

It’s been a horror start to 2021 on the roads, with multiple fatal accidents involving caravanners having already taken place. While investigations into... Read more

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