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Maryvale RV stop

Bold plan for new ‘RV Stop’ leaves community divided

A plan to create a short-term RV camping area has left yet another regional community deeply divided. In a debate that is being... Read more

Cyclone Tracy memories

Cyclone devastation brings back frightening memories

If grey nomads ever needed any reminder of how they ultimately travel at the mercy of Mother Nature, then the destruction wreaked by... Read more

Grey nomads staying on farms

Station stays a ‘win-win’ for farmers and grey nomads

As huge numbers of grey nomads head out into Australia’s remote regions, an army of farmers and station owners will once again be... Read more

Grey nomads and outback pubs

Outback pubs struggling as insurance costs surge

The past year has been a challenging one for Outback pubs, and many are still facing a difficult road ahead. While grey nomads... Read more

drop dunnies loved by grey nomads

Loo day dawns as spotlight shines on our public toilets

Being on the open road for long periods of time, means that even the most self-contained of travellers become reluctant experts on the... Read more

Carnarvon Jetty destroyed by Cyclone Seroja

Seroja destroys Carnarvon jetty as it slams into coast

Tropical Cyclone Seroja has slammed into the Western Australian coastline, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. It hit just south of... Read more

Grey nomads and starlink internet

Starlink plan could be one giant leap for grey nomads

For many grey nomads heading out into Australia’s remote regions, not being able to communicate easily with the outside world is a major... Read more

Tropical Cyclone Seroja

Tropical Cyclone Seroja set to make landfall shortly

Grey nomads in Western Australia’s Mid West – as well as other travellers and residents – are being warned to be ready as... Read more

Grey nomads and free camping

‘I was born to travel, not to work to pay off a mortgage’

While there is no shortage of grey nomads who don’t develop ‘Wanderlust’ until they near retirement age, many others are bitten by the... Read more

way out west fest

Way Out West Fest return a sign of better times ahead

The Covid pandemic swung a wrecking ball through the events calendar across regional Australia over the past year … but there are signs... Read more

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