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Covid crisis puts nomads in world of uncertainty

In alarming echoes of the very early days of the Covid pandemic, widespread state border restrictions are now throwing grey nomad travel plans... Read more

border restrictions

Covid outbreaks throw nomad plans into chaos

As concerns grow about the latest Covid outbreaks in multiple states and territories, grey nomads are once again for finding their travel plans... Read more

Grey nomads show resilience

‘We have done it tough … and we are stronger for it!’

Despite the fact that the stereotypical grey nomad is often lambasted because of their supposed slow driving, or their ‘budget-conscious’ approach to travel,... Read more

Grey nomads on Big Lap for a year

‘Our Big Lap is ending, but we’re just getting started’

Monique and Steve Kidner have learned a big lesson in the last 12 months travelling around Australia … a year is nowhere near... Read more

Camping areas in Snowy Monaro

Jindabyne illegal campers will face ice-cool reception

The Snowy Monaro Regional Council in New South Wales has re-endorsed its recent decision to crack down on illegal camping in and around... Read more

grey nomads see wildflowers

WA wildflower season set to be ‘one of best ever’

Grey nomads who will be in Western Australia in the coming months are being told they can expect a bumper wildflower season. Perth... Read more

outback workforce

Can grey nomads fill work void left by backpackers?

The closure of Australia’s international borders has had a devastating effect on the Outback workforce, with many rural communities struggling to fill job... Read more

Fraser island campsites re-open

Dingo concern campsites are open to public again

Two of the Fraser Island campsites that were temporarily closed because of inappropriate visitor interaction with dingoes have re-opened. Camping Zones 4 and... Read more

cradle mountain camping

New campsite on cards for Cradle Mountain area

Tasmania’s iconic Cradle Mountain area could soon be hosting a new campsite and a tourist fishing facility. A proposal has been put forward... Read more

kangaroo collision

Caravan rolls after hitting kangaroo in country WA

A car towing a caravan has rolled after hitting a kangaroo on a country road in WA’s Wildflower country. Police say there were... Read more

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