Bosch ultimate camping kit

Grey nomads and Bosch radio

Packing for a trip can be one of the most exciting parts of a caravanning or motorhoming adventure … and one of the most difficult. With space and weight issues often at the forefront of Big Lap planners’ minds, it can be agony deciding which ‘absolutely vital’ piece of equipment has to be left behind in order to make room for something even more ‘absolutely vital’.

With an ever growing list of innovative gadgets hitting the market, it has become a near impossible task. Imagine then the challenge facing Bosch as it decided on which items it would include in its ‘Ultimate Camping Kit’.

Few would argue with the first couple of items chosen by the electronics giant’s Australian team. A mini-penknife will always earn its keep on any camping trip, and a packet of marshmallows instantly conjures up evocative images of that soon-to-be lit first campfire.

So far, so good. But what about lighting for under the awning or for those night-time toilet trips? Bosch’s 18V Lithium-ion worklight earns its spot, courtesy of its powerful dimmable LED beam, its convenient swivelling lamp head, its utility hook … and its easy charging battery system. The worklight is part of Bosch’s 18V Smart Lithiumion family, and its battery pack can be detached and charged using the Power4All 1 hour fast charger.

A charge indicator light lets you know when your battery is powered up. Another critical component of Bosch’s Ultimate Camping kit is the USB-Powerbank adapter which can clip on to the top of the battery pack. By plugging in to one of the two USB ports on the adapter campers can charge devices such as phones.

For entertainment, the Bosch team has plumped for the brilliant PRA Multi Power Radio. While it may be a little larger than the portable radio you imagined taking on your Big Lap, its range of features, 3.5 watt speakers and robust design make it ideal for outdoors use. It has multiple handles for easy carrying and can be powered by a mains adapter or cordlessly by the Bosch 10.8V, 14.4V or 18V lithium-ion batteries.

As well as AM/FM, the tough, triangular-shaped radio is Bluetooth enabled meaning you can wirelessly listen to a playlist on your phone or computer. Sadly, all good things must come to an end and – in readiness for the moment you pull back up at ‘home base’ – Bosch’s Ultimate Camping Kit includes the powerful AQT 37-13 Plus pressure washer.

With a 1700-watt motor and a series of attachments including a three-in-one nozzle, this could be the perfect machine to blast the red dust of the Outback off the caravan or motorhome, as well as to clean that long neglected driveway. And if the thought of soon waking up to look at the neighbour’s house instead of a glorious sunrise or the turquoise Indian Ocean is leaving you needing a pick-me-up, it could be time to reach for the last item in Bosch’s Ultimate Camping Kit … the stubby holder!



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