Chairs with a twist

rotating campchair

If there’s one piece of equipment that can pretty much be guaranteed a place in every grey nomad rig – regardless of whether it’s a new luxury motorhome or a track-weary old camper trailer – it’s the humble campchair.

Every traveller needs a mobile seat to plonk outside the set-up in order to watch the sunset, open a beer or stare happily into the campfire. While some are cheap and basic and tend to collapse after a few weeks of abuse, others are expensively constructed and super luxurious, often  boasting everything from a drinks holder to a footrest.

At all ends of the market, however, the folding chair’s basic design can be said to pretty much the same. Until, that is, the Revolve camping chair arrived to give the sitting scene something of a twist.

The chair’s unique swivel base allows a full 360° spin-around-potential just like an office chair. Now, you don’t have to jump up to see what that spooky noise is coming from the moonlit bushes behind you. You simply spin around to more efficiently face your fears. And there’s no more neck-twisting nightmares as you try to follow the excited happy hour chitter chatter from grey nomads to your left, your right and sometimes even to your rear. And grabbing another beer from the esky behind your chair has never been as much fun.  Wow!

The Revolve is exceptionally comfortable and durable and although it’s inevitably more bulky than the average campchair it still folds down into a carry bag for easy transport and storage. And it still has four legs for stability on uneven ground and boasts a single drink holder, a carbon steel frame and a 136kg weight capacity.

Besides its swivel ability however, the Revolve’s most exciting feature is definitely the option of buying it with an MP3 pouch and built-in battery-powered speakers. Say what! Has living in paradise just got even more perfect?

The US-based Revolve company currently sells the speaker chair for US$89.99 and the non-speaker version for US $79.99.


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