Rocking campchair

Rocking campchair for grey nomads

Grey nomads who have been on the road a year or two may think they have pretty much got their rig set up perfectly and now possess every gadget and gizmo they’re ever going to want or need … but they’d be wrong!

Out on the road these days, you can find campchairs with drink holders, shade covers, leg rests and pretty much everything in between, but none that are ready to rock … until now! While it’s easy to think that the uneven surfaces of many campgrounds would stop the concept getting off the ground, US-company GCI has other ideas.

Its all-new RoadTrip Rocker campchair has abandoned the traditional ‘rocking rails on the bottom’ approach in favour of its patented strut based spring action rocking technology. The full-size chair folds up to fit inside a carry bag and boasts a cooling mesh backrest, padded armrests and a Happy Hour friendly beverage holder.

But it’s its ability to rock its occupant smoothly back and forth that sets the chair apart, and is likely to make any campfire companions green with envy.

The rocker weighs 6kg and its powder-coated steel frame will support grey nomads weighing 113kg, or less. It retails for $US60 in America.

There are no details yet on when it will begin shipping to Australia.


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