Zero Breeze Mark 2

A few years ago, the mooted release of a portable air conditioner called the Zero Breeze sparked quite a bit of excitement in grey nomad circles.

For long-term travellers, the quest to keep cool – particularly when off grid – is an endless one and innovative possible solutions are ‘warmly’ welcomed.

And, judging by reviews, this is one product that delivered on its early promise and has actually made a difference to many people’s on-the-road lives.

The reason this particular portable air conditioner has been so feted by RV’ers is that it doesn’t have to be plugged into the mains to operate.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 has been given some important tweaks in recent weeks, and it is now definitely cooler than ever.

Zero Breeze

Portability has remained at the heart of the latest product design and Zero Breeze Mark 2 only weighs 7.5kg, and is still pleasingly compact. Its micro twin-cylinder compressor is as small as a cola can. No water or ice is required.

Powered by a 24V battery, Zero Breeze Mark 2 is effective for up to five hours of normal use. The solar panels and in-car plugs also give users more flexibility under off-grid conditions.

A new innovation is a ‘spot cooling’ concept that focuses on only cooling down the temperature around users, providing a comfortable environment for a limited area meaning less power consumption.

The company says the device will blow cold air up to 17°C lower than the ambient temperature.

“Our mission is to offer innovative solutions that suit the needs of passionate campers, RVers, boat owners, and outdoor lovers, bringing them an extra mile closer to adventure,” said company founder, Max Ma. “Thanks to the latest technology adopted by Zero Breeze Mark 2, users are able to enjoy outdoor activities as long as they wish.”

Although Zero Breeze is American, its product is sold to thousands of users in over 40 countries and regions. Overseas customers can now order customised adapters from its official website, which enables more users with different power systems to adapt the products.

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Plus model, which comes with one battery, is available for US$1499 on the company website.

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