Gas Scale

Gas levels on cylinders

There has been a spate of gas-related accidents involv­ing caravanners and campers in recent months, but a new gadget is on its way to offer all grey nomads far greater peace of mind while on the road.

The Gas Scale has been devel­oped to give travellers early warning about any leakage from LPG gas cylinders, and it also keeps them up to speed with exactly how much gas they have left and when they need to fill up.

It is a nifty little device with three adjustable magnetic legs to attach to the bottom of any gas bottle, up to 40 kilos in size. Its built-in leakage detec­tor communicates automati­cally with your smart phone and will emit a sharp audio signal to alert you to any leakage.

The gadget’s associated mobile phone app, which is available for iOS and android devices, is also where you can get accurate information about gas consumption history, and learn about exactly how much gas is still in the cylinder in either percentage terms, or kilograms or pounds.

This is done by comparing current Gas Scale data with parameters of a cylinder in-use (i.e. tare weight). The tare weight can be entered in the app at first connection.

An app prediction algorithm will also inform you about the estimated time of run­ning out of gas, and when the level of gas in your cylinder is low, you will receive a specific notification. The gadget has Bluetooth connectivity with a range of up to 40 metres, and its battery can be recharged via a USB cord.

The Gas Scale is made of high quality plastics and is weather resistant. Its unique shape is designed in a way so that it perfectly fits on foot of commonly used types of gas cylinders and therefore it does not take any additional space.

The team behind the clever little device which was devel­oped in Slovenia reckon it is time for grey nomads to stop worrying about gas.

“It is time for you to focus on things that are really impor­tant,” they say. “Such as wind­ing roads, wind in sails, mas­terly cooking, spending time with your family and friends and most of all … fun.”

Sounds good to me!

There are several Gas Smart models. The one with a gas leakage detector alert is avail­able for pre-order. It is priced at approximately $75. It will begin shipping worldwide later this year.



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