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Camp Guard alarm lantern

CampGuard lantern

Okay, you’ve found the perfect bush camping spot. You’ve had a lovely evening. You’ve extinguished the campfire and you’re now safely tucked up... Read more

Delta shovel from DMOS

Delta Shovel

For grey nomads who are serious about getting out into remote parts of Australia, one of the things they really shouldn’t leave home... Read more

Lighted tent peg

Lighted camping pegs

We know you’ve been there, done that! You’ve slightly over-indulged at your neighbour’s happy hour gathering and you’re heading ‘home’ for the night.... Read more

Grey nomads love Zytony torch

Zyntony Torch

Getting the right lighting is a big issue for travelling grey nomads, and it’s one that doesn’t get any less important once they... Read more

bush peg for grey nomads

Bush Pegs

Try as they might, long-term grey nomads can’t avoid wild weather forever and, when it comes, it can leave carnage in its wake.... Read more

Scrubba Washbag

Scrubba Washbag

We all know the feeling. There’s a monster queue at the van parks’ laundry facilities … and you haven’t got the energy to... Read more

Portable shower for grey nomads

Portable shower

One of the biggest issues facing long-term bush campers is a potential water shortage … particularly for those who like to wash off... Read more

Rescue Swag Adventurer first aid kit

Rescue Swag First Aid kit

After months of being locked down, grey nomads and others are naturally excited to get back out into the bush and explore. National... Read more

Grey nomads and induction cookers

Induction cooker

The cooking revolution that’s been sweeping through the kitchens, campsites and cara­van parks of Australia is heat­ing up … and grey nomads are... Read more

Grey nomads and Bosch radio

Bosch ultimate camping kit

Packing for a trip can be one of the most exciting parts of a caravanning or motorhoming adventure … and one of the... Read more


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