Solar ‘generator’

Power Pro solar genrator

The quest for the ultimate bush power source will probably never end, with new ‘breakthrough’ gadgets and gizmos popping up every other week. At the centre of most innovator’s dream solutions is solar.

And so it is with the Power Pro from portable battery company, Jackery. The 578-watt hours battery power bank can be charged by mains power or by the power of the sun and it then acts as a pseudo ‘solar generator’.

Could it be time to say goodbye to that ‘just-in-case’ petrol generator that has made you a few enemies over the years at various ‘quiet’ campsites? Well, you be the judge. Jackery claims that each charge of the Power Pro can power a mini fridge for 10 hours, or a television for four hours or so.

Users can also expect to get between four and seven laptop recharges or dozens of smartphone charges from each Power Pro charge. The Power Pro itself can be charged up by being plugged into mains power for 6-7 hours or by using its 85-watt, foldable solar panel which can apparently fully charge the Power Pro with just seven hours of full sunlight. And, yes the device can both charge and power simultaneously.

The power bank weighs a very reasonable 5.4 kg and boasts power outlets, USB ports and a built-in torch. The designers say the Power Pro combines a big battery and AC/DC inverter into a single splash-proof portable package that includes surge and short circuit protection, as well as temperature control and an LCD display that helps users monitor discharge level and other statuses.

The components are not unique, but the compact way they have been brought together is.

Sadly for Australia’s grey nomads, the Power Pro is still in the planning stage and is also currently targeted at the North American market and thus has 110-volt power outlets. Early success could see the device making its debut on this side of the world before too long, though.  The first Power Pro could be shipping to American customers shortly and is expected to retail at $1,398, including the compatible solar panel.


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