Pure Pour Wine Flask

Many grey nomads find that, as they travel, they develop a taste for the finer things in life … like a lovely drop of vino at the end of a busy day on the open road. And with every passing Happy Hour and with every visit to a new wine district, this appreciation tends to grow.

It’s high time then that someone came up with an efficient way of allowing thirsty travellers to keep their whites cool and their reds ‘just so’ while they enjoy picnics in the Tropics and sunsets at the seaside.

Enter, the Pure Pour.

Hot on the heels of its success at producing water containers for outdoors enthusiasts, US company, Hydro Flask, has designed a stylish and practical container for the wine connoisseur seeking to enjoy an al fresco tipple.

The just-released 25oz Pure Pour bottle comfortably holds the standard 750 mL of wine and it features a TempShield double wall vacuum insulation to keep all vintages at the perfect temperature. It also prevents condensation from forming on its exterior. Hydro Flask insists that the bottle’s durable pro-grade stainless steel construction ensures it won’t retain or transfer flavours, which means tonight’s Rosé won’t pick up any notes from last week’s Chardonnay.

The opening of the Pure Pour bottle makes it easy to fill and pour without drips, and its insulated leakproof cap means it can be brought along on a bushwalk or a trip to the beach. The bottle also features a silicone base to keep it from sliding on slippery surfaces.

For the style-conscious grey nomad, Hydro Flask has also produced a lightweight 10-oz tumbler designed to perfectly complement the Pure Pour bottle, right down to design and colour. The Tumbler has an insulated press-in lid to reduce spills and holds two standard pours. It is made from stainless steel, which makes it durable enough to survive at the campsite and also maintain the temperature of the wine.

“We are excited to introduce our new Wine Bottle and Wine Tumbler accessories that allow consumers to take their favourite vintage anywhere,” said Hydro Flask, Vice President of accessories, David Visnack. “From afternoon picnics to the beach and summer concerts, these accessories will protect their wine from heat, light and glass bottle breakage while keeping it at the intended temperature.”

The Wine Bottle and Tumbler are priced at US$45 and US$30, respectively.


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