Salt lantern!

Salt-powered lantern

Just got yourself sorted out with solar lighting, solar torches, solar lanterns? Sorry. You’re behind the times! Have you thought about what would happen if we get 100 cloudy days in a row or you park the van long-term in the middle of a dense, shade-filled forest?

No, it’s time to get out of the 21st century and into the … um … era of the salt and water lantern. That’s right. Japanese company Green House has developed a light that does not need a dry cell or rechargeable battery to run … it just bursts into life the moment water and salt are put inside.
Using a dedicated water bag, you only have to mix up a saline solution to keep the lamp glowing for up to eight hours.

According to Green House, water straight from the ocean will power this lantern … or I guess you can just shake your salt pot into a drink bottle, or think of something sad and put your head over a bucket!

However you harness it, the saline water works as an electrolyte with a magnesium (Mg) rod (negative electrode) and a carbon rod (positive electrode) within the lantern to get it lighted up at a luminosity of 55 lumens.

Users can get about 120 hours of power with the Mg rod before they’ll need to buy a replacement (the rod is sold separately to begin with).
The generated electricity can be used not only for lighting the LED but for powering other USB-powered devices by using an accompanying USB cable.

It’s not quite clear what this masterpiece will be called yet but in the meantime it’s ‘conveniently’ referred to as he GH-LED10WBW.  No word yet either on what the price but it is scheduled to hit the Japanese market imminently. It might take while to reach Australia so you’ve still got time to  strip off  the solar panels and offer your solar torches on Ebay.

Sigh! The price of progress!


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