Delta Shovel

Delta shovel from DMOS

For grey nomads who are serious about getting out into remote parts of Australia, one of the things they really shouldn’t leave home without is a shovel.

Whether it’s for creating a ‘toilet’, or a campfire pit, or potentially digging out a bogged vehicle, it’s an item that you don’t need … until you really need it!

As always with people packing up rigs for long-term travel, the problem is space. Yes, you have to have a shovel when you have to have a shovel, but there are potentially weeks and even months when it’s just ‘in the way’.

Enter the Delta Shovel.

An American-based company, DMOS, has just created a high-quality telescoping spade that folds away into a compact, travel-friendly shape when not in use. Specifically, it can be broken down into a 61cm x 28cm x 8cm package that should be able to find a home in most grey nomad rigs.

When duty calls, the Delta’s blade will flip out, and the telescoping shaft can be locked in short, medium or long position, providing plenty of versatility for different tasks.

When fully extended, it measures 130cm so offers the user plenty of leverage for effective digging. This is not a gimmick. It is a accessories that has been designed to be relied upon in trying conditions and it carries a lifetime guarantee.

The Delta’s 12-gauge steel bracket is secured to the blade via 12 rivets and sealed around the shaft to keep out dust, dirt and mud. Stainless steel springs and pins lock the shovel into its various positions, and a powder coating puts a tough finish on the blade which has a pointed, creased design.

The designers say the shovel is tested to lift over 450kg, so it won’t bend – even in the toughest situations Issue 209: October 18, 2019 Delta buyers will have a choice of aluminium or steel blade. The aluminium option weighs 1.6 kg, while the steel option weights 2.9kg.

DMOS also offers a few transport options for the Delta including a dedicated vehicle mount ‘for rear spare tires and roof racks’, and a heavy-duty 1,000-denier nylon carrying/storage bag.

The Delta Shovel is currently the subject of a crowd funding campaign and DMOS expects to start shipping the accessories by the end of the year. Retail prices are expected to be US$199 for the shovel itself, and US$359 for the shovel and mount together.

• Do you carry a shovel on your trips? Email us here to share.


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