Solar oven

Solar oven may be used by Australia's grey nomads

For grey nomads seeking the ultimate cooking al fresco experience, could it finally be time to farewell old-fashioned campfire cuisine and truly embrace the future?

We’ve been cooking over open flames since cavemen first roasted their mammoth steaks, but outdoor chefs have been pretty much stalled there ever since. No longer. Move over campfire, move over gas barbie … the camper-friendly solar oven is here!

Using parabolic mirrors to con­centrate sunlight onto a glass cylinder and generate enough heat to cook the contents inside, the recently unveiled GoSun Stove represents a quantum leap forward for 21st century campers.

Designers say it can bake, boil and fry … and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards!

The oven is 60cm long, has a 5.7cm diameter and can hold 1.4 kg of food or 1.6 litres of liquid. It retains 80-90% of all sunlight that is caught in its footprint … and is powerful enough to cook a full meal.

Cooking time depends heavily on the intensity of the sunlight at that time. On a clear sunny day, it’s apparently capable of cooking six hot dogs in 10 min­utes and, in cloudy conditions, it can still bake a tray of muf­fins in two hours. No specific word on how the oven goes toasting marshmallows!

The stove comes with a sliding tray and a heat-resistant handle which allows cooks to put food in, or take food out at any time.

Both the metal stands and parabolic mirrors fold around the tube so the oven is truly portable. The GoSun Stove is just mov­ing out of the development stage and should be available for sale at the end of this year. The full retail price is expected to be $279. The developers are also offering a smaller GoSun MINI model which uses a non-folding wooden frame and will cost approximately $79.




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