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Luminiser grey nomads
The Luminiser uses a tea candle as its source of power

The bush campers’ endless search for both power-saving and power-generating devices has sparked endless innovation and given the world numerous intriguing inventions. Now, an LED lantern that runs off heat energy from a candle can be added to the list.

There is nothing new about gadgets that can directly convert heat into electricity, but the truly ingenious Luminiser has scaled the thermoelectric concept down to a new level. The brainchild of Norwegian company, ThermTech, the Luminiser uses the humble tea candle to power an array of LEDs for up to six hours.

And the really clever bit is that the device is able to produce 15 to 20 times the light the candle would on its own. Page 6 The designers say that the lantern can be used inside but its lightweight and rugged design lends itself to being used outside under the van’s awning on those beautiful Outback nights.

It weighs less than half a kilogram, measures 14 centimetres high when being carried, but 25 centimetres high and 12 centimetres across when its legs are extended.

The Luminiser is not yet in full production but, if all goes to plan, the lantern should be on the streets and in the camping grounds soon. Those expressing early interest can buy the device for around $US77.


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