Lighted camping pegs

Lighted tent peg

We know you’ve been there, done that! You’ve slightly over-indulged at your neighbour’s happy hour gathering and you’re heading ‘home’ for the night. It’s pitch black and you ‘sort of’ know where the van is parked when … ouch! you stub your toe on one of the pegs holding the awning down!

It’s an inglorious way to end a lovely evening, and similarly would be an equally inglorious way to end a midnight stroll to the amenities block.

But what to do?

“Carry a torch!” I hear you scream.

Way too easy!

No, it’s time to light up the caravan park world with the new StakeLight from UCO.

stubbed toe on tent peg

Ouch! But help is at hand!


The ingenious aluminium stake includes a built-in 17-lumen LED light encased in water-resistant housing. The StakeLight has both strobe and steady modes and is controlled via a switch built into the lens. You can face the light at the awning or tent to light up the entry way, or face it outward to clearly mark its location.

It runs for up to 24 hours from one AAA battery on strobe setting. It would be lovely if these illuminated tent stakes could possibly be made to use solar instead of battery power like those outdoor pathway lights.

The design of the StakeLight has however enabled critics to identify one potential problem … it makes a better light than it does a peg. The long LED lighting may actually prevent you from hammering the stake all the way down. This could mean it will slip out of the ground more easily than a regular stake. Not good news when Cyclone Wotsitsname starts bearing down on your campground. At least you would be able to see where your tent and awnings had blown away to!

The UCO StakeLight stakes will sell for approximately $5.99, with a 4-pack running at $19.99.



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