For most grey nomads, sitting around a campfire staring into the flames and contemplating the meaning of life is a recurring highlight of the Big Lap.

And, of course, things become even more fun if you add some good company … and maybe a cold drink or two.

With open fire restrictions growing, more travellers have been looking at ways to bring the proverbial campfire with them and there has been a surge in popularity for things like portable wood stoves.

While these may still not be allowed in some camping areas where campfires are prohibited, or when there is a total fire ban, they do offer users more flexibility. And for campfire cooks, wood stoves offer a lot of exciting possibilities.

The Wooshka is a cracking little invention which ticks a lot of the boxes for long-term adventurers … with portability being chief among them.

wooshka, wood stove, grey nomads

The firebox itself can hold enough wood to generate sufficient heat to cook pretty much whatever you like. The stainless steel flue helps keep smoke out of your eyes. The Wooshka comes with both a grill plate and a flat plate, and these can be switched around so one can act as a warming plate while the other is over the flames cooking your sausages, steaks, salmon or whatever.

There are a lot of extra Wooshka accessories that can be bought separately. These include a hot water boiler, an accessory holder, and even a rotisserie kit. The whole thing is sturdily made and weighs in at 24kg. The genius of it though is that it doesn’t require tools for assembly or to take apart.

Its removable legs, locking keys, flue attachments and hot plates can all be packed in, and on top of, the firebox and packed away in a lightweight carry bag for easy transport.

Long-term travellers who enjoy their campsite cuisine may quickly decide that the Wooshka is a must-pack.

The Wooshka kit sells for $339.


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