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Sero Breeze air conditioner

With grey nomads generally chasing a bit of heat as they travel the country, occasionally they are forced to ask themselves: “Are we getting too much of a good thing?”

With summer temperatures sometimes reaching a sizzling 40-degrees plus, even the most ardent sun seeker can be left scrambling around for relief. Now, air conditioning can be the energy-hungry solution for those in powered sites at caravan parks … but what about the times you’re sitting under the awning, or are camping out in the bush?

Remarkably, it seems that sweat-saving air conditioning can still offer relief from the searing heat … even when an electrical socket is nowhere in sight. Portable air conditioners have long been available to chill various spaces, but what makes the newly unveiled Zero Breeze different is that you don’t need to plug it in to keep your cool.

So, could those sweltering summer nights be about to get a whole lot more bearable?

You bet, say the team behind this beauty. The device boasts a 40,000-mAh battery capacity, which enables it to operate on medium fan setting for up to five hours of continual use, or 3.5 hours on high fan setting.

And, if you’re worried this may be sounding cool without delivering cool, think again. For those heartily sick of being warm, the Zero Breeze can reputedly get the temperatures in your awning down to an impressive 7.2° C … all without the need for a power cord or a generator.

Zero Breeze uses rotary compression refrigeration technology along with an environmentally-friendly refrigerant. The inventors say the Zero Breeze is designed to successfully cool areas up to 4.6 square metres. For space-conscious grey nomads, the news is good. The device measures 46.4cm x 16.2cm x 9.6 cm and weighs a relatively modest four kilograms. But wait, there’s more!

As seems to be the way of things these days, this air conditioner is not content with just being an air conditioner. It’s also got a built-in 3W Bluetooth speaker, and offers an LED light, and USB charging ports for phones and other gadgets.

After a wildly successful crowd-funding campaign, shipping of the Zero Breeze is expected to start shortly and it is expected to retail at around $600.


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