Zyntony Torch

Grey nomads love Zytony torch

Getting the right lighting is a big issue for travelling grey nomads, and it’s one that doesn’t get any less important once they move away from their camp.

Take the dreaded midnight walk to the drop toilet, for example. For too long now, it’s been a case of ‘should I take the torch or the lantern?’ Take the bulky lantern and you end up blinding yourself as you walk, take the torch and you might get to the loo safely but you’ll then face a logistical nightmare trying to see everything you need to see as you go about your business.

Well, for all of you who break out in a cold sweat at the very thought of facing such a light­ing conundrum, salvation may be literally at hand. The new Zyntony Torch boasts 20 Cree LEDs that are designed to deliver up to 4,000 lumens of light in a 360-degree arc. Sounds like a typical high quality lantern? Think again. An ingenious five-way button lets users control the lights in each individual 90-degree quadrant, meaning each can be turned on or off, or simply dimmed. In other words, as you walk to the drop toilet in the dark, you can light up everywhere you need to have lit up to see without having to light up yourself.

The Zyntony Torch is also a lot easier to handle than a typical lantern, and has a long, slim handle more like a torch. Its exterior is made of tough waterproof aluminium and it has a textured handle grip. The torch has carabiner cords so it can be hung up at camp or elsewhere.

And just to underline how clever these designers are in making something pretty unique, the Zyntony Torch has built-in Bluetooth wire-less capability and can be paired with a smartphone or a tablet to give remote light­ing control. When users download the special app, it will also show a graph of the usage history and it will reveal how much battery life is remaining.


The device has rechargeable batteries and has a USB port which can be used for charg­ing other devices. The design­ers are currently raising funds to begin full accessoriesion of the torch and expect to start ship­ping in 2016.



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