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Get a charge from the new BioLite

Biolite Charger

It seems that barely a day goes by without a new way to charge your gadgets on the road being invented. However, the... Read more

Hydro power for grey nomads

Portable hydropower plant

Many free campers find it a constant struggle to gener­ate sufficient power to satisfy their long-term lighting and refrigeration requirements, as well as... Read more

Mobile phone apps for grey nomads

Mobile phone ‘apps’

At the forefront of the tech­nological revolution that has transformed the grey nomad experience has been the Smartphone, and the multitude of mobile... Read more

Apple Watch could help grey nomads on the road

Apple Watch

The interest sparked by Apple’s recent announcement that it is to launch a smart watch has been staggering … but what could it... Read more

starvox walkie talkie

Walie-talkie watch

If you are one of the multitude of grey nomads who regularly incurs the wrath of their partner by happily spending ‘forever’ at... Read more

Torch for grey nomads is a lamp

Telescopic torch/lamp

Help could soon be at hand for grey nomads who love the adventure of a night or two in a rugged campsite, but... Read more


‘Swipe’, ‘pinch’ and ‘squeeze’ – it seems the Ipad is quickly becoming Australian seniors’ number one technology. Certainly, many grey nomads are discovering... Read more

Grey nomads on bicycles


Safety and security are big is­sues for grey nomads, partic­ularly those who like to get off the beaten track and out into remote... Read more

Kangaroo avoiding radar for grey nomads

Kangaroo-avoiding radar

The thought of a kangaroo bounding out in front of their motorhome or caravan as they cruise down a quiet country highway is... Read more

Inmarsat satellite hub

Satellite ‘hub’

While travelling in remote Australia will never be anything other than a great adventure, the rapid advances in communications technolo­gy is making it... Read more


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