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Grey nomads take tablet computer

Earl tablet computer

Let’s face it. When you’re an ad­venturous grey nomad getting down and dirty in Australia’s remotest regions, the tablet computer doesn’t normally cut... Read more

Grey nomadsd stay online

Telstra Pre-Paid 4GX Car Wi-Fi

Grey nomads seeking to stay in online contact with the outside world as they travel are increasingly discovering the joys of a new... Read more

Smartwatch to change grey nomad driving habits

Biometric wristwatch

The highways and byways of Australia can be stressful places when you’re towing a big van or driving a supersize motorhome … but... Read more

Grey nomads like LanCruiser hotspot

LandCruiser hotspots

For grey nomads, travelling in the remote Outback  where there is no mobile phone signal can be a nerve- wracking experience. Even the... Read more

Smatcap solution to grey nomad drowsiness


An Australian invention developed to improve safety in the mining industry could soon be helping to keep grey nomads accident-free on our highways... Read more

Juno drinks cooler great for grey nomads

Juno drinks chiller

For grey nomads who suffer from over-crowded fridge syndrome, one of the coolest gadgets ever invented has the potential to be a genuine... Read more

Google Glass is a good gadget for Australia's grey nomads

Google Glass

Google Glass, the wearable computer that threatens to change our lives in dramatic – but as yet unknown – ways keeps getting more... Read more

The Tiel tagging device for grey nomads

The ‘Tile’ tagging device

A new affordable tagging device could be about to make losing critical items at a crucial time a thing of the past …... Read more

Get a charge from the new BioLite

Biolite Charger

It seems that barely a day goes by without a new way to charge your gadgets on the road being invented. However, the... Read more

Hydro power for grey nomads

Portable hydropower plant

Many free campers find it a constant struggle to gener­ate sufficient power to satisfy their long-term lighting and refrigeration requirements, as well as... Read more


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