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‘Swipe’, ‘pinch’ and ‘squeeze’ – it seems the Ipad is quickly becoming Australian seniors’ number one technology. Certainly, many grey nomads are discovering the device’s multi-functional capability and practical interface make it the perfect travel tool. Applications like caravans NSW, Tripit, PackTM and Footprints Travel Guides are designed specifically for people who are on the open road.

While many grey nomads nearly are as tech-savvy as their whiz-kid teenage grandchildren, others who have witnessed the invention of the television and the first personal computer find it more difficult to embrace new technologies.
However, the latest research shows that Apple’s Ipad is helping to break down even the most reluctant senior’s attitude towards new technology. Bloomberg Business Week magazine even hailed the Ipad as the product to break the company’s market barrier with older generations.

Unlike computers or most mobile phones, the Ipad doesn’t require any prior knowledge. Its touch screen and easy-to-follow icon design is user-friendly. The adjustable text size overcomes problems for people with poor vision.
However, for travellers, the Ipad’s multifunctional use is its most impressive feature. Instead of having bundles of travel itineraries, maps and notes, all a grey nomad’s travel needs can be included in a single device.

Many of these applications don’t require Wi-Fi access to operate, which is handy for remote destinations. If you need Wi-Fi, a simple application like Wi-Fi finder will find a look in point.

The Ipad can also act as a practical replacement to your favourite books. Its e-reader function allows you to download any of the latest books and read them on the go. Users can turn ‘virtual’ pages, as if they were reading a real book, and adjust the Ipad’s font size and brightness.

Keeping in touch with friends and family can be tricky when travelling long distances but the Ipad’s built-in camera allows for video-calls, with family and friends while on the road. This is a real time and a much more personal communication method than a text message or email.

Among other things travelling long distances can be really boring. If you’re a passenger or if you are travelling alone, the Ipad is a great way to kill time. A user can listen to music, or watch a movie, message friends or play a game to keep entertained.

These tablet devices are then the perfect complement to a mobile lifestyle and grey nomads should use all the social media resources to their advantage.


Story by by Hannah Sinclair.  Hannah  is Content Strategist at Social Media Education Group


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