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Grey nomads on bicycles
Feel safer biking through the bush

Safety and security are big is­sues for grey nomads, partic­ularly those who like to get off the beaten track and out into remote and rugged country.

While the advent of afford­able satellite devices and GPS have helped ease the wor­ries of many 4WDers and bushwalkers, grey nomads who like to hit the bush tracks on motorbikes or a cycles would no doubt welcome more ‘insurance’ in the event of an accident.

Now, thanks to British inven­tor, David Coleman, solo adventurers can hit the saddle safe in the knowledge that, even if they take a tumble and are knocked unconscious, help will soon be on its way.

As soon as you fall off your ‘ride’, the Ridersmate device automatically sends a text message to alert others that something has gone wrong.

The concept is simple enough. You clip the Ridersmate unit to yourself with a carabiner, while the cord at the other end of the device is fastened to your bike or motorbike. If you are thrown from your ‘ride’, the cord will pull loose from the Ridersmate and activate it, sending an SOS text message to up to three different people.

The text is sent out a second time one minute later to make sure no one misses it. The message includes your GPS coordinates and altitude, as well as the time of the inci­dent and the speed you were travelling at.

You can also send an SOS message manually.

If you activate the Ridersmate accidentally by getting off your ride and forgetting to unclip, you can simply plug the cord straight back in and a second message will be sent telling everyone to ignore the previous one.

With Google Maps integra­tion, Ridersmate can also be used simply to log your vari­ous excursions. One charge of its battery should last about eight hours.
The Ridersmate is expected to go into full production soon.


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