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Smatcap solution to grey nomad drowsiness

An Australian invention developed to improve safety in the mining industry could soon be helping to keep grey nomads accident-free on our highways and byways.

With fatigue a major concern for travellers on long trips between campsites, the Smart­Cap is being touted as a pos­sible solution to the problem.

The cool-looking baseball cap contains sophisticated waterproof sensors hidden in the lining, and then uses an operator’s brain wave (EEG) information to calculate levels of drowsiness. The data is then wirelessly communicated to an in-cab display, or to any Bluetooth enabled device.

Once every second, a custom algorithm analyses the data to determine the wearer’s level of alertness. The wearer’s alertness is assessed on a 2 to 4 scale with an audible fatigue warning activated if the level reaches 3 or higher. A warn­ing message also flashes up to notify the wearer that a ‘micro sleep’ episode may occur

The Brisbane-based developer, Dr Dan Bongers, hopes that real-time measurements of fatigue can be used to dramat­ically reduce accidents.

Initial trials in the mining industry have been completed throughout Australia and overseas, and the future is looking bright. SmartCap is now in the process of branch­ing out to other industries and the washable cap is currently being trialled by marine pilots.

The company says it will be focusing its efforts on com­mercial sales for a while, particularly heavy industry, but insists the product can be used in any setting where an individual can wear a baseball cap. Potential users might include highway truck drivers, rail conductors, bus drivers, loading-dock crane operators and – one day – grey nomads.

SmartCap is currently avail­able in three styles along with a headband and visor version. A hardhat version is at the prototype stage and a beanie version is also in development.

The SmartCap has been medi­cally certified as safe to wear and no prior preparation of the scalp is necessary.


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