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Torch for grey nomads is a lamp
Torch for grey nomads is a lamp, as well

Help could soon be at hand for grey nomads who love the adventure of a night or two in a rugged campsite, but for whom the ‘horrors’ of a mid­night walk to the long drop toilet are just too daunting.

Even the most courageous of long-term travellers can go weak at the knees when they swing open the creaky door of the ‘long drop’, and their torch casts magnified shadows on the cobweb-filled walls.

Of course, a traditional torch is ideal for lighting the path to the toilet, but it’s far from ideal when it’s time to get down to business. If only, you could have a torch for the walk, and a lamp to illuminate the whole toilet ‘shed’ when you are in situ.

Well, now you can, thanks to a ‘Eureka ‘moment by prolific inventor, Antonio Serrano, who is hoping to put ‘Lil Torch’ into production in the near future. The folding pocket LED torch that can be transformed into a small portable lamp was apparently inspired by the fire torches that are used at the Olympics.

The device basically extends and retracts like an old pirate telescope to offer users a focused beam when needed, or a wide flood of illumina­tion when collapsed. With a 70mm diameter, the gadget can be compressed into a 42mm lamp, or extended into 163mm-long torch.

It is made of rugged plastic, is shock-resistant and, with its electronic bits all sealed in, is completely waterproof. The ‘Lil Torch’ will be available in black, green, and white, and is powered by a battery that can be recharged via micro USB.


Ahoy there, where’s my trusty torch?


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