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E-readers are becoming popular with space-conscious grey nomads

E-book readers

In the brave new tech-savvy grey nomadding world, could our caravans and motorhomes be about to be have a huge weight lifted from... Read more

electric scooters for grey nomads

Electric scooter

A few years ago, electric scooters were futuristic devices you might occasionally see in a sci-fi movie, rather than real objects that regularly... Read more


When you are travelling in areas famed for their fishing, it can often seem like every second grey nomad rig has got some... Read more

folding bikes to take around Australia

Folding bikes

Cycling is one of the most popular ways for grey nomads to get their daily/weekly/monthly/yearly dose of ‘proper’ exercise … and it’s not... Read more

Fold-up Oru kayak

  The great grey nomad ‘shall-I-take-a-boat’ dilemma could be about to  be solved. Worries about adding weight and bulk to already packed-up rigs... Read more

Grey nomads taking a tinny


The option of taking a ‘tinny’ is being explored by increasing numbers of grey nomads as they seek out fresh adventures on their... Read more

Electric bikes could be perfect for grey nomads

Electric bikes

Tired of towing a small car behind your motorhome? Fed up with trying to pedal your cycle up steep hills? Too old to... Read more

Wind power for grey nomads

Wind-powered generator

The solar power revolution has well and truly transformed the grey nomad universe in recent years. Panels on caravan and motorhome roofs are... Read more

Fish camera for grey nomads

Underwater ‘fish cam’

Are you fed up with friends and family back at home not believing your tales of the ‘one that got away’? Well, now... Read more

Portable electric bike gives puffing pedal pushers a lift

Folding electric bikes are revolutionising the Big Lap experience of an increasing number of grey nomads … and it’s not hard to see... Read more


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