Fold-up Oru kayak


All packed up and ready to roll

The great grey nomad ‘shall-I-take-a-boat’ dilemma could be about to  be solved.
Worries about adding weight and bulk to already packed-up rigs has frightened many
a ‘could-have-been’ water explorer into landlubber status on their Big Lap.However, designer Anton Wil­lis, is about to ‘launch’ the Oru, a touring kayak made from corrugated plastic that that can be folded up and carried in a bag! It offers ease
of transport and gives the ‘occasional’ grey nomad kayaker the where­withal to hit the water while on the road.The entire ‘unfolded’ vessel is 3.7 metres long, 60 centimetres wide, and weights just 11kg. It has a carrying capacity of 118kg. Once folded down and placed in a bag, it measures 84cm x 74cm x 25cm.The Oru is made up of a single pre-folded piece of plastic which, once folded into shape, is held together with straps. The soon-to-be manufacturers claim the assembly process will take an experienced user about five minutes. The kayak will apparently stand up to at least 20,000 fold cycles without leaking.The Oru will come complete with adjustable foot rests, a foam seat and a rubber deck strap for securing gear.On the water the vessel is said to handle incredibly well and is both fast and stable. Designed to be beginner-friendly, it’s also great fun for experts.Could this be the gadget to bring a whole new dimension to your Big Lap adventure?

The Oru will cost approximately US$850.


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