How to bring a kayak on the Big Lap … no folds barred

When Oru first introduced the concept of an origami-style folding kayak a decade ago, it suddenly gave even the most space-conscious grey nomad the opportunity to bring a boat on the Big Lap.

For all but the most committed long-term traveller, it is generally concern about adding weight and bulk to already packed-up rigs that frightens off would-be ‘boaties’.

So, while it might not be the vessel of choice to launch in crocodile-infested tropical waters, the fold-up kayak did cause a great deal of excitement.

And things have only got better since then.

Now, Oru has released its latest plans for a lighter and more compact variant, the Lake, which weighs just eight kilograms.

Oru fold-up kayak

Like the company’s other models, the Lake is made of a single folded sheet of UV-protected double-layer polypropylene. It apparently takes less than two minutes to unfold the kayak and lock it in shape via front and rear retention straps.

The launch-ready vessel measures 274cm by 81cm, and can support a payload of up to 113kg. It can reportedly withstand 20,000 fold cycles.

And, when it’s not in the water, the boat folds down into a rectangular shape measuring 107cm by 25cm by 46cm.

All good so far.
The Lake has protective polymer skid plates on its underside, and an 18mm memory foam clamshell seat. That seat is attached to a folding rigid floorboard, which boosts the boat’s rigidity and stability once it’s secured inside the cockpit.

It’s probably worth stressing that, although it is very well designed, this is not the vessel for a trip out to sea and is instead intended for use on calm – and croc-free – waters!

The Lake has not yet gone into full production but, when it does, it is expected to retail for US$699.

  • Would you consider taking a vessel like this with you in order to bring a new dimension to you adventure … without the hassle of carting a tinny? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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