Pack raft for grey nomads

A significant percentage of grey nomads have embraced the possibilities that taking a tinny or a kayak with them on their adventures can open up … but, for many others, selfpropelled waterway adventures remain a distant dream.

The extra bulk, the added wind resistance, and the sheer hassle are generally the reasons listed as to why ‘nearly-but-not-quite’ water people have chosen not to load a vessel on their roof rack. Of course, the underlying question from all but the most committed fisher or paddler is ‘would I actually use it enough to justify the effort’?

Well, for those who can’t make up their minds, a new sub sector of super portable ‘boats’ has been emerging. The latest is the Rogue series of raft packs which actually pack down to paper towel roll size, and can be easily transported in the van, and can even be carried on bushwalks.

Now, while it may not be quite ready to navigate its way through crocodile-infested waters of the north or take to the high seas, the Kokopelli Rogue-lite Packraft does inflate into a perfectly functional vessel for sailing lakes and rivers.

Weighing in at a feather-like 2.2-kg, the Packraft is impressively durable, courtesy of its Kevlar-reinforced floor. The sidewalls are built from 210-denier TPU-coated nylon, and double-tape seam reinforcements add to the vessel’s integrity. The raft has a single air chamber.

The vessel rolls down to a miniscule bundle measuring 30cm x 23cm x 15-cm. Four D-ring attachment points help with gear tie-down. The Rogue-lite can carry a paddler and gear weighting a total of 147 kg.

Kokopelli is currently running a fundraising campaign to get its Rogue-lite vessels in the water. And, all things being equal, the raft should begin shipping out in April. They are expected to sell at $US825.


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