Afreda three-wheel scooter

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for grey nomads seeking the perfect portable transport solution, a new three-wheeled electric scooter could well tick all the boxes for many.

Traditional scooters are generally just a little too unstable for mature-aged travellers, particularly when going over uneven surfaces at campsites or on tracks.

Behold then, the Afreda S6!

Its two front wheels incorporate a spring-loaded linkage mechanism which allows each to tilt up to 40 degrees when taking corners, reducing the chances of tipping over.

The designers say that the linkage also acts as a sort of front suspension, as each wheel can independently move straight up and down by as much as 279mm when on rough ground.

Afreda scooter

The vehicle has three aluminium wheels. The rear one boasts a brushless hub motor that delivers top speeds of around 40 km/h.

The base Lite model of the scooter is powered by a 48V/7.8-Ah lithium battery and one four-hour charge is good for a range of 30 kilometres. That figure is doubled for the extended-range Pro model, which has two batteries.

The scooter has hydraulic disc brakes, an LCD handlebar control unit, and a padded rear seat/rack for a second passenger or perhaps to transport shopping.

The Lite models weighs in at around 26kg and the Pro at 31kg.

And, best of all for space-conscious grey nomads, the scooter can be quickly and easily fold down into a suitcase size.

The scooter has yet to go into full production but is expected to retail at around US$2,799 for the Lite and US$3,299 for the Pro.

  • Could you find a use for the S6 on your future trips? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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