Underwater ‘fish cam’

Fish camera for grey nomads

Are you fed up with friends and family back at home not believing your tales of the ‘one that got away’?

Well, now you can bring them back photographic proof! The Strike Cam is a waterproof video camera that attaches to the bottom of a fishing line near the lure.

One they have cast their line, hopeful anglers can just press a button to get the camera rolling … and then carry on fishing, and filming.
The lens points at the lure and then records the behaviour of any curious fish that is tempted to get up close and personal.

It all makes for interesting footage, but there’s more to it than that. If you are one of the downhearted grey nomads who is fed up with watching fellow fishermen cook barramundi on the open fire while you trudge back with an empty bucket, then the Strike Cam could be all the help you need.

Instead of sobbing quietly in your van as you eat baked beans on toast again, you upload the damning underwater footage via USB to a computer, and spend the evening studying video of those missed catches. In theory, this will help you understand how fish fight when they are on the hook, and how they react to different lures. You could go from ‘fisherman zero’ to ‘angling superhero’ in one easy step.

The Strike Cam itself is submersible to 10 metres, shoots at just 480p/30fps, and can record up to three hours of footage before the battery needs recharging.

Okay, with a cost of $US189, you are all worried about a giant barra swimming off with your cash, or are a little bit reticent about possibly being tempted to wade into northern waters to retrieve your expensive bit of gear.

Well, the Strike Cam comes with 65 pound super line leaders on front and back. And the company says that, if lighter line is used on the lure side, the ‘snagged’ lure will break free before the camera does. It would still be an anxiety-inducing experience for most budget-conscious grey nomads, though.

The Strike Cam is available online.


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