Solar generator

Grey nomad power solution

Goal Zero, a manufacturer of portable solar accessoriess, has unveiled its latest solar genera­tor … and it could one day be the grey nomad’s best friend.

The lightweight camping-friendly Yeti 150 report­edly delivers 150 watt-hours of power – enough to run your laptop all week or charge up all manner of other devices. It packs enough punch to light a lantern for 50 hours and power a smartphone for 15 hours. Hooray for solar! Farewell to smelly exhaust fumes!

Goal Zero says the genera­tor, which will cost approxi­mately $400, can be charged in roughly 15 sunny hours when hooked up to its 15W Bolder 15 Solar Panel, expected to cost approximately $200. If you’re spending a night or two in a van park or have access to a power outlet, charging can also be done through a tradi­tional wall outlet … or via a car adapter while you’re chewing up those Outback kilometres.

The Yeti 150 is compact and easy to transport and weighs just six kilograms. For peace-and-quiet loving nomads, it’s portable power paradise … and with none of the noise, smell, expense and possible aggro from fellow campers that can accompany petrol generator use.

“We design all our accessoriess to provide our customers with a sense of security,” said the com­pany’s CEO, Joe Atkin. “Our line of solar generators can help keep the lights on, your phones charged, and your refrigerators working.”

The bad news is that Goal Zero is a US company and the Yeti 150 has yet to hit the Australian market. However, all is not lost. Goal Zero does offers the Escape 150 here in Australia. This portable solar system has the exact same storage capacity as the Yeti 150, and comes in an ergonomic, camping-friendly, kettle-like design.

The more powerful Yeti 1250 is also on sale here already.  The Yeti 1250 stores 1250 watt-hours of battery capacity as compared to the Yeti 150, which stores only 150. While the Yeti 150 is designed to charge devices up to and including laptops, the Yeti 1250 is a solar generator, which can power household fridges and TVs, as well as power tools. This superior capacity, however, is reflected in a higher price point.


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