Solar-panelled motorhome

If you’re looking to turn heads when you pull into the caravan park, and save a bundle on your Big Lap fuel bill, then this futuristic German-made motorhome which is powered by solar panels and a battery pack could be for you.

RV manufacturing company, Dethleffs, has just unveiled its e.home concept vehicle which it says could go at least some way to enabling the long-term traveller to enjoy the fuel saving benefits already enjoyed by the drivers of small electric cars.

The entire exterior of the vehicle is blanketed in 31 square metres of ultra-thin, high-efficiency solar panels, which generate electricity to help fuel the vehicle’s electric powertrain.  The powertrain itself consists of an electric 80-kilowatt motor and a 91 kWh battery pack.

The e-home supports both level 2 and DV fast charging, and the solar panels provide 3 kilowatts of supplementary battery-charging electricity. According to Dethleffs, the e.home’s maximum range is around 280 kilometres when not loaded, and around 165 kilometres when fully outfitted.

The campervan has a futuristic look.

The vehicle’ battery pack lasts for approximately 1,500 charges – about 250,000 kilometres – before it needs replacing.

The e.home also maximises efficiency by using phase-change materials to absorb heat and release it throughout the day as ambient temperatures fluctuate. Infrared panels throughout the inside of the vehicle also provide a comfortably warm atmosphere.

  • Can you see the time when these solar panel vehicles are the norm? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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