KiteX Wind Catcher

Portable wind power

While solar panels have transformed the Big Lap, enabling grey nomads to go ‘off-grid’ for weeks at a time, there is a problem … everybody has got them!

In a world where the cool kids of the campsite brag about their super-sized slideouts, high-tech sound systems, and impressive-sounding water filtration technology, solar power has become a bit … well … ho hum.

For the grey nomad who really wants to make a statement when they arrive in camp then it’s time to up the power ante.

And that’s where the Wind Catcher, made by Danish company KiteX, comes in.

Not only is it good at what it does, it’s also a gizmo that’s going to be hard to miss. For travellers looking for an electricity-generating gadget that’s also guaranteed to make you the talk of the campsite … this baby is for you.

Once fully assembled, the Wind Catcher has a turbine diameter of four metres, and an uppermost reach of six metres. There are actually two versions of the device. One produces 200 watts starting at a wind speed of 5.5 metres per second, while the other produces 600 watts at 7.5 metres per second.

Kite X wind turbine for grey nomads

The wind turbine can be easily assembled

KiteX says the smaller device is recommended for powering items such as laptops, small fridges or a few lights, while the bigger version is aimed more at applications such as the charging of e-bikes or the running of power tools.

Okay, it could do a job and, once set up, it’s big enough to get you noticed … but how practical is it for long-term travellers?

Well, it weighs in at 10 kilograms and can reportedly be set up by one person in about 15 minutes. It’s really just a matter of assembling some interlocking glass-fibre rods, which are then supported by three guy wires. These are attached to cam buckle nylon straps, which are in turn anchored to stakes driven into the ground.

The Wind Catcher has yet to go into full production, but it will cost early takers around US$1,100 for the 200W model, and US$1,800 for the 600W version.

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