Air Opus trailer tent

Air Opus trailer tent

While many grey nomads find the light weight and fuel-saving aerodynamics of travelling in a camper trailer to be appealing, there has always been one major drawback … the hassle factor!

After all, after a long day on the road, who really wants to pull up in paradise and then spend the next what-seems like-an eternity, pulling, tugging, cranking, winding and sweating in order to get your rig ship shape? And all the while the chilled-out caravanners and motorhomers are giggling away over Happy Hour drinks.

Well, the camper trailer setup ‘nightmare’ just became more of a dream thanks to the arrival of the inflatable Air Opus trailer tent. The luxuriously appointed camper trailer comes with integrated Air Poles, which deliver ‘your-camp’s-already-set-up’ convenience in no time flat.

Opus has simply stripped out the hard tent frame from its previous camper trailer designs and replaced it with the Air Poles that inflate courtesy of an integrated electric pump powered by a 12-V battery. It means that travellers will Page 6 be able to flick a switch and then sit back and watch the pop-up tent inflate to life in just 90 seconds.

Before you get too excited though, it has to be noted that the Air Opus still requires happy campers to carry out a few manual steps both before and after turning the electric pump on. Nonetheless, the manufacturers insist that, the entire set-up process for the 4.1-metre long, six-berth Air Opus model, including laying out the interior equipment, takes a paltry five minutes.

And, in case you are wondering, there are quick-release valves that let the air out so the camper can be folded down as quickly as it went up for when it’s time to hit the open road again. An add-on inflatable extension awning that fills from the Air Opus’s electric pump is also available. Importantly, as well as its inflatable technology, the Opus camper trailer is a well designed vehicle, and combines the benefits of a compact travelling size and good gear-hauling space with a very well-equipped interior.

The Air Opus will be on the market soon and will cost around US$20,000 for a complete basic trailer.


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