The ’24-7′ camera

Camera catches nearly every moment of your Big Lap

Kids don’t believe your story about the time a King Brown was lurking behind the drop dunny door?  Can’t remember what that guy from Site 36 who cheated at cards looked like? Reckon your blog needs a bit of spice?

Relax, grey nomads of Australia.  OMG Life’s Autographer is here. Basically, it’s a camera … but not as we know it.  It’s designed to be clipped onto clothing or worn around the neck, and it takes photos when it chooses, not you. This sucker’s got a brain!

The device’s world leading technology includes a custom 136° eye view lens, an ultra small GPS unit and 5 in-built sensors. The data gleaned from the sensors, which detect changes in light, colour, motion, direction and temperature, effectively tells the camera when it’s an interesting time to tale a shot. It might, for example, start snapping when you jump out of your campchair to land that mighty barramundi, or step out of the warm and cosy van to take a midnight walk to the amenities block. Cool!

This ‘brain’ prevents the Autographer from taking too many mundane shots as you doze ‘incidenltlessly’ under your awning. Nonetheless, it can capture thousands of photographs a day through its custom wide-angle lens. Photos are accessed via Bluetooth, desktop interface or mobile app, and users can view a stop-frame video to see an entire day’s activity in a few minutes.

It’s got 8 GB of internal memory, a 5-megapixel low-light sensor, weighs just 58g and has a dedicated Smartphone app to enable you to view, tag and share the images. It does not however have a flash so at least some elements of your life will remain in the dark.

The Autographer is released onto the UK market in November and should be rolled out elsewhere soon afterwards. Unfortunately, the initial cost will be a cool £399 (approx $620). Having said that, imagine the footage. And imagine how thrilled family and friends will be when you get back home and can schedule them in for a week or more to see some of the photos of your Big Lap.


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