‘Chairless’ chair

Grey nomads take a seat

 We all know the feeling. That rugged bushwalk seemed like a good idea at the time, but boy it’s tough going! If only you could sit down for five minutes and catch your breath … but the ground is rocky, the ants are every­where, and you suspect that if you did sit down on the ground, you might never get up again!

Well, don’t despair. The era of the Chairless Chair is all but upon us, and it means you can grab a quick sit down just about anywhere at any time. That’s right. This isn’t a chair that you carry, it’s a chair that you wear!

The Chairless Chair is basi­cally an exoskeleton that goes on the back of the legs, giving you plenty of freedom of movement so you can still hop, skip and jump to your heart’s content. But, when exhaustion strikes, you can move into a sitting position and the device can then be locked to form a supporting structure.

The ‘chair’ is currently in its prototype phase, but Swiss company noonee has been receiving a lot of interest and plans to go into full produc­tion soon. No word on likely cost yet, though.

The Chairless Chair will weigh 2kg and will come with a 9-volt battery that will be enable it to operate for more than eight hours on one charge. The device is held to the wearer’s thighs via straps, and to the waist using a belt. When the tired grey nomad bends his or her knees to get to the level they’d like to sit, they simply ‘engage’ and the Chairless Chair locks into that configuration, directing the wearer’s weight down to the heels of their shoes. Simple! The Chairless Chair can, of course, be used in any num­ber of situations other than bushwalking.

For example, it means you don’t have to lug a chair with you when you head to the beach to watch the sunset, or when you go fishing, and it means you can wander around the van park or camp­ing area and be 100% ready for that impromptu Happy Hour gathering!

This could catch on.




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