Coolbox toolbox

Here's the Coolbox toolbox

Whether they know how to use them or not, most grey nomads wouldn’t dream of pulling out of their driveway without a rich assortment of tools capable of, theoretically at least, getting them out of all manner of tricky on-the-road situations.

But it seems even those hardy travellers with the most well-organised and well-equipped toolboxes are effectively still living in the handyman stone age. Yup, it’s time to say farewell to the trusty old traditional toolbox and say hello to the uber-modern, high-tech ‘Coolbox’. Your spanners, hammers, and screwdrivers just won’t know what’s hit them.

For the designers behind this startling innovation, the starting point was that it was high time that someone re-invented this important carrying case. They reckoned that, in 2015, toolboxes could be used for a lot more than just carrying tools and the space-conscious long-term traveller might be glad they thought so.

Coolbox looks like a regular ‘big’ toolbox with dual handles, and wheels on one side … but this ain’t no ordinary toolbox. And here’s why.

It’s got 270-degree LED floodlights on the inside and outside, a whiteboard inside the lid to give you a place to jot down measurements, and the lid also has a magnet inside that’ll keep loose screws in place. There’s a built-in battery, and USB ports for charging up a smartphone or tablet, both of which can be propped up on the lid. Oh, and it’s also got, a built-in clock, a retractable power cable, and heavy duty Bluetooth speakers so you can blast out Willie Nelson’s ‘On the Road Again’ while your tools enable you to try to do just.

The integrated battery will run all of the electronic features when the toolbox isn’t plugged in to the mains, as well as some smaller tools like a sander or a drill. Apparently you will get about 10 hours of use from the battery when using the USB ports, seven hours when using the speakers, and a drill will be able to drill about 1400 screws.

The team behind the Coolbox have run a very successful fund-raising initiative to help get accessoriesion up and running, and it is expected to start shipping in June. Estimated cost is around $350 … but just imagine those envious glances the next time you reach for your tools in the caravan park or camping area!


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