Toilet paper holder

We hear an awful lot in the media about cashed-up grey nomads spending the kids’ inheritance on luxury rigs and Champagne-fuelled on-the-road lifestyles.

It’s true, of course … for some! But for every wood-panelled luxury interior and surround sound entertainment system, there’s a battered three-way fridge and a very old mattress.

The Big Lap is not about en­suites and easy living for those who never need a dump point and, for whom, a drop toilet is as good as it gets.

While caravan shows are awash with gadgets for affluent grey nomads, the humble, budget-minded traveller is often over­looked … or at least used to be!

The wannabe designers of the Alberta College of Art and Design in Canada have not forgotten those at the lower end of the market. Their waterproof toilet paper container and dispenser, won’t cost you a bean and might just save you some serious inconvenience.

Okay, picture the scene. You’re way out in the wilds, the Por­taloo is for ‘emergencies-only’, you’re desperate to do your business, and the Outback dew has descended.

You trudge off into the distance with your trusty shovel in one hand and your toilet roll in the other … but “eek!”, the only thing worse than damp toilet paper is no toilet paper at all.

Fear not, hardy pioneers. The cream of Canada’s problem solving-youth have the answer to the ‘dry loo roll’ dilemma. Instructed to create something of social value with a two-litre plastic bottle, the students cut the bottle in half, grabbed a freezer bag, some reflective tape, and a bit of twine, and solved a centuries-old ‘wild toileting’ nightmare.

The ‘Nature Calls’ invention enables campers to easily add new toilet rolls via the zip­pered plastic bag and it can be clipped to a bag or hung from a tree. And, best of all, you can make it yourself!

“We’ve all been in various situations where having dry toilet paper was important, so the idea came naturally to us,” says Janet Molchanko, one of the designers. “We also added a small LED light for those night-time trips!”

  • Can you see yourself making something similar to this … or have you already? Email us here to share your thoughts.

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