F1 Fish Finder Drone

grey nomads and f1 fish finder drone

Grey nomads who fooled themselves in to thinking they could keep their on-the-road budget under control by catching enough fish to regularly fill the freezer, and then found they couldn’t … can dare to dream again.

A new fish-finding underwater drone could be the perfect addition to the tackle box, and should all but guarantee a few less wallet-lightening trips to the supermarket.

The idea is simple.

You’ve got an awful lot better chance of landing a live one if you know where it is and the Chasing F1 Fish Finder Drone can be your eyes beneath the surface.

Created by Chinese company Chasing Innovation, the device is essentially a tiny buoy-shaped boat, that is wirelessly controlled via Wi-Fi (up to a distance of 30 metres) by an iOS/Android app on the user’s smartphone.

It has four thrusters which allow the controller to move it forward, backward, sideways, or to pivot around on the spot. Using a hook in the rear, it can also tow an optional sonar unit, or a remotely-activated bait dispenser.

When it’s time to put the ‘drone’ into fish finder mode, the user can lower the drone’s lead-weighted video camera which is attached to an electrically reeled electrical cable. The user controls the descent and the camera will go to a maximum of depth of 28 metres.

The user can then see what the camera sees on the app, and it also displays the depth and water temperature. The camera has a built-in infrared light. The magic of this gadget is that the its bright yellow top half always stays above the surface, so users can see where it – and hopefully the fish! – are located.

The 4,800-mAh lithium battery offers four to six hours of runtime per charge. The Chasing F1 Fish Finder Drone costs US$699.

• How long do you think it would take for the underwater drone to pay for itself? Email us here to share your thoughts.


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