Fishfinder app

App to help you find fish

Surging fuel prices and caravan parks fees are putting the average grey nomad budget under huge pressure … so it’s the perfect time to slash food costs.

Forget those carefree days of fishing when you innocently pitted your skills against the mighty barramundi and the rest in the hope of putting the occasional morsel on the table … and in the freezer. When times are tough, it’s time to get serious. Enter the Deeper fishfinder.

In a high-tech world where you can find everything from the nearest van park to the cheapest fuel on your smart phone … why wouldn’t you be able to find fish?

The Deeper is basically a six-centimetre wide sphere which can be attached to a fishing line and cast out onto the surface of an ocean, river or lake. The floating fishfinder emits ultrasound waves down into the water to discover the number and location of any nearby fish. The data is then transmitted via Bluetooth up to a distance of 50 metres to your Android or iOS device. A special app then allows you to then view the information.

After that, it’s simply a matter of hooking up, baiting up and casting to the target area … you can’t miss!

The Deeper app also allows you to post fishing updates to Facebook or Twitter so you can share your triumphs with family and friends at home, or give your partner back at the van a clue as to which size frying pan to get out.

The device – which is still in the prototype stage – will be water- and shockproof, and will run for approximately six hours on one charge of its lithium-ion battery. It would also provide you with information on the air and water temperature, water depth and moon phase.

Florida-based tech company Friday Lab hopes to be able to offer the technology to consumers at a price of US$199. It is searching for partners around the world to sell the accessories.


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